Behavioral Intervention & Threat Assessment

The Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Team (BITAT) was formed to offer early identification and intervention for individuals whose behavior is of concern and/or may pose a threat to the college community. All members of the HCC community are critical to the BITA Team's efforts to maintain a safe and secure working and learning environment and to identify troubled individuals so that problems can be addressed before they escalate.

Withdrawal, isolation, behavioral changes, verbal aggression, and/or threatening behavior are key signals that should not be ignored. Research suggests that acting out and violent behavior may be diffused if these issues are reported and addressed at an early stage. Disregarding early warning signs may impact the college's safety and ability to offer intervention that provides an individual with the support they need prior to an escalation. Maintaining a safe work and educational environment is everyone's responsibility.


Staff/faculty or the Dean of Students are expected to file a BITA report in the event they receive reports or observe situations that require either behavioral or threat assessment. Even modest changes in someone's behavior may be a cause for concern. Contacting a college staff/faculty or the Dean of Students (x2390) may be an appropriate first step if you observe:

  • Changes in attendance
  • Change in an individual's behavior or unusual responses to a situation
  • Withdrawn or depressed behavior
  • Negative change in attitude
  • Negative attention seeking behavior
  • Unwanted attention directed at you or another person
  • Sudden lack of participation in activities/class
  • Ongoing demonstration of behavior that is of concern

Contacting the Campus Police x2211 is required when you observe:

  • Threats to do harm to self or others disclosed directly or in a disguised manner
  • Aggressive or threatening behavior or gesture 
  • Escalating threats
  • Visible agitation and escalating physical aggression

If you need immediate assistance, please dial 2211 from a campus phone or call 413.552.2211 from a cell phone.

Do you have a concern about an individual on campus? Use this form to report your concerns to the BITA Team.

Please note: Matters concerning grades, academic progress, financial aid and other issues associated with a student's academic program at HCC should be directed to the appropriate college Dean and should not be reported through a BITA reporting process.


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