In Case of Fire

To report a fire/emergency:

  • If you smell the odor of smoke or burning materials, DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY from any phone. 
  • If you observe flames and/or large amounts of smoke: PULL THE NEAREST FIRE ALARM STATION

Evacuation procedure:

  • Staff and faculty should direct students to leave the building quickly by following the red EXIT signs in corridors.

  • When the classroom has been emptied, the staff/faculty member, where practical, should check to see that all windows and secondary exits are closed. Upon leaving the classroom, the door should be closed and unlocked. Follow the red EXIT signs in corridors.

  • During an evacuation, each staff/faculty member is charged with the prompt and safe exit of students, visitors and themselves. 

  • After evacuating the building, remain a safe distance from the building(s) to ensure personal safety and allow emergency vehicles and responders ready access to the area. DO NOT STAY IN COMMON AREAS BETWEEN BUILDINGS. Please remain a minimum of 500' (five hundred feet) away from the evacuated building.

DO NOT return for personal belongings.
DO NOT turn lights or any electrical device on or off.
DO NOT Use elevators.
DO NOT re-enter buildings for any reason.

For students and staff with disabilities requiring assistance 

  • Because certain areas of the campus do not offer immediate access to outside, seven (7) locations have been designated as official evacuation stations for persons with disabilities. The stations are located at: Donahue 380, Donahue 416, Frost 387, "C" building 333, Marieb 318 and the fourth (4th) and fifth (5th) floor of the Kittredge Center. Under ADA regulations it is appropriate for individuals using wheelchairs to go immediately to these evacuation stations in an emergency. These locations are equipped with evacuation chairs for individuals using wheelchairs and call buttons to alert appropriate personnel of the presence of persons needing assistance to evacuate the building.

  • Staff/faculty members should make themselves familiar with the location of evacuation stations and be able to direct persons with disabilities to the nearest evacuation station. 

  • During an evacuation on any floor, evacuation team members are charged with the prompt and safe exit of persons with disabilities. 

  • Evacuation team volunteers should report to their assigned stations and send one member to report to the flagpoles in front of Frost building and await further instruction.


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