Safety Tips

While campus police are available around the clock, there are many things you can do to be safe, at HCC and elsewhere.

  • Familiarize yourself with emergency phone and call box locations.
  • Note the location of Emergency Guides, which give guidance on how to respond to emergency situations. These are located near emergency phones, in classrooms, and in offices throughout campus.
  • Securely lock bicycles in the bicycle racks provided around campus.
  • Park in assigned parking lots. Although the campus is well-lighted, any student or staff member may request an escort when returning to a vehicle after dark. Dial extension 0 from a campus phone or ask the switchboard operator in the main lobby of Frost Building for assistance.
  • Lock your vehicle and lock valuables in the trunk.
  • Report any suspicious-looking activity to the Campus Police immediately.
  • Obey the 20 m.p.h. posted speed limit. Campus grounds are frequented by walkers and joggers.

Be aware of your environment and any possible dangers
a. Where is the phone?
b. Take note of the two nearest exits to your location.
c. Can you see the threat from your location?
d. Are you in immediate danger?

Have an escape route in mind
a. Do not use the elevator in times of emergencies.
b. Take personal belongings with you only if time permits.
c. Shut office/class doors upon exiting if time permits.

Walk as quickly as possible, exiting to a safe location
a. Never run unless an imminent threat requires running.
b. Remain calm but act quickly.
c. Listen for instructions over the alert system.
d. Exit the danger zone to a location safe from the threat.
e. Do not allow your actions while evacuating to endanger others. 
f. Warn others in the immediate area.

Staff and faculty should direct students to leave the building quickly and safely 
a. Be mindful that visitors may be present needing guidance and assistance evacuating.
b. When possible, help others evacuate, e.g., disabled. 
c. After evacuating, remain a safe distance from the building(s) to ensure your personal safety and allow emergency vehicles /responders ready access to the area
d. DO NOT re-enter buildings for any reason once you have exited.

Always follow the orders of the police if they are present. Remember to keep your hands visible.


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