Safety Tips

Students and staff play a crucial role in promoting campus safety. HCC asks everyone to assume responsibility for his or her own personal safety and the security of personal belongings by following simple, common sense precautions:


• Familiarize yourself with emergency phone and call box locations. Note that Emergency Guides, which give guidance on how to respond to emergency situations, are located near emergency phones, in classrooms, and in offices throughout campus.
• Securely lock bicycles to the bicycle racks provided around campus.
• Park in assigned parking lots.
• Lock your vehicle and lock valuables in the trunk.
• Report any suspicious-looking activity to the Campus Police immediately.
• Obey the 20 m.p.h. posted speed limit. Campus grounds are frequented by walkers and joggers.

Although the campus is well-lighted, any student or staff member may request an escort when returning to a vehicle after dark. Dial extension 0 from a campus phone or ask the switchboard operator in the main lobby of Frost Building for assistance.


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