HR Guidelines

This site has been prepared to assist Administrator, Faculty and Staff at Holyoke Community College. Most of the information and advice provided in this manual is applicable to College's Employees in all categories. This guide is intended to serve as a complement to collective bargaining agreements and to the handbook for full-time employees; it does not replace or supersede the provisions of those agreements or of the handbook. All questions about the information provided herein should be referred to the Human Resources Department.   

I Affirmative Action Policy
II Domestic Violence
III Code of Conduct/Drug Free Workplace Policy
IV Conflict of Interest
VI Employee Classification - Union Membership
VII Employee Data Changes
VIII Employee Orientation
IX Employees with Disabilities
X Hiring Guidelines for Adjuncts
XI Hiring Guidelines for Benefited Employees
XII ITD Acceptable Use of Information Systems
XIII Official Transcripts
XIV Outside Employment
XV Performance Appraisal
XVI Personnel File
XVII Pre-Employment PhysicalPersonnel Files
XVIII Probation and Provisional Employment
XIX Standards of Conduct
XX Whistleblower Protection
XXI Sex Offender Registry
XXII Background Checks
XXIII On-boarding for New Hires



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