Institutional Research


The mission of the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is to provide timely, high quality and accurate information and analyses in support of decision making, planning, assessment, and to foster a culture of evidence and institutional effectiveness. 


The primary functions of the office of institutional research are the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and information regarding the institution. The OIR serves the campus in several ways. 

Reporting: Submit all institutional reports and data for federal and state agencies by the required due date.

Planning: Support and contribute to the strategic planning process by providing appropriate and necessary data and reports.

Research: Support the research and evaluation efforts of other administrative offices and departments on campus.

Assessment/ Program Review: Support the teaching and learning mission by providing general support to faculty, Academic Deans and staff in conducting research and assessment. Provide data collection, organization and presentation in support of outcomes assessment and academic program review.

Accreditation: Collect and maintain required institutional data for regional and professional accreditation. Assist in the preparation of accreditation documents and reports.

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) maintains detailed internal reports on the MyHCC portal ( for use by HCC faculty and staff members. HCC faculty and staff can request further information by completing an OIR data request form (found on the MyHCC portal).

If you are not an HCC staff or faculty member and would like to request data, please contact OIR directly at (413) 552 -2289.


IR Contact Information

Veena Dhankher, Ph.D., Director
(413) 552-2543

Michelle Riberdy, Research Associate
(413) 552-2544

Carole Sterritt, Research Specialist
(413) 552-2425

Charles McMahon, Perkins Data Specialist

Anna Zmich, Administrative Assistant
(413) 552-2289
Fax: (413) 552-2585

External Reports:

MA DHE Key Performance Indicators Linear Trends - Community Colleges
MA DHE Performance Measurement Report


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