Career Planning

A key priority of Perkins IV is that all CVTE students have a career plan. As stated in the MA Perkins IV Secondary Postsecondary CVTE Linkage Manual: "A Career Plan is a comprehensive, formal written plan (that learners use alone or with the help of others) that relates learning to career goals. The plan is based on both formal and informal assessment and should include areas in which a learner needs to increase knowledge and skills to reach documented goals. A Career Plan is designed to facilitate transition from high school to future learning and employment.

The Career Plan can be thought of as both an instrument and a process for monitoring one's career development. As an instrument, a Career Plan provides a place to organize and record progress related to personal, educational, and career and labor market information. As a process, it encourages learners to use the past and present in goal setting and planning. In either case, a career plan should be revisited and modified periodically.

Additional information on Career Plans including Revised Massachusetts Career Plan Model is posted on the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Career/Vocational Technical Education website under Career Development at" High School students should work with their guidance counselors to develop their own career plans.

Students attending Holyoke Community College have ample resources for career planning in the College's Career Center.


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