Diversity at HCC

A commitment to diversity is an integral part of Holyoke Community College's mission to provide "comprehensive, high-quality educational opportunities that are responsive to community needs and meet the intellectual, esthetic, and practical needs of a diverse student body."

As a community dedicated to accessible education and community outreach, we recognize the importance of creating an environment of respect and inclusiveness. We believe that HCC is enriched by the diversity of our students, faculty and staff, and strengthened by a climate in which we value and learn from our differences while working toward common goals.

We are committed to fostering a welcoming and supportive academic environment, where all students, faculty and staff feel safe and valued as members of our community.

Council for Community, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


The Council for Community, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion works to foster civil discourse and encourage campus-wide reflection and dialogue on relevant issues. Our goal is to create and sustain an environment in which all students and staff are respected and supported.

Teaching Diversity

Teaching Diversity

HCC is committed to offering an inclusive curriculum that reflects the diverse perspectives of a pluralistic society. Along with critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, effective communication and information literacy, knowledge of diversity is one of the five core competencies that comprise HCC's general education requirements.

Gender Identity/Expression Policy

Gender Identity Policy

The college regards discrimination on the basis of gender identity/expression to be inconsistent with the establishment of an atmosphere that supports the full engagement of HCC students, faculty and staff.



HCC is committed to ensuring that all are able to participate in HCC programs, activities and events. Here you'll find information regarding accessibility that we hope you'll find useful in planning a visit to HCC.

Affirmative Action Policy

Affirmative Action

It is the policy of Holyoke Community College not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, creed, ancestry, national origin, disability, veteran's status (including Vietnam-era veterans), or background.

TransCampus at HCC


TransCampus is a campus advocacy group comprised of students, faculty, and staff committed to creating and fostering an open and inclusive campus community for individuals who are transgender/genderqueer/questioning.


ALANA Men in Motion

Are you an African American, Latino, Asian and Native American man looking for academic support with personalized attention? The ALANA Men in Motion Mentoring Program provides academic support, mentoring, counseling, networking and community-building.

Multicultural Academic Services (MAS)

Multicultural Academic Services (MAS)

MAS supports students from diverse backgrounds, including those who have participated in Avanza2College or are enrolled in ESL courses at HCC. Our purpose is to nurture a community of learners and support students in developing the skills needed to succeed in college and beyond. Join us!

STRIVE (Students Together Reach Individual Visions of Excellence)


A federally funded TRIO program, STRIVE provides ongoing academic and personal assistance to students who are first generation to college or low-income or have a documented disability.


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