Gender Identity/Expression Policy

Every student and employee of the college shall be responsible individually and collectively for promoting and maintaining a safe environment which is conducive to learning and which embraces the accords of civility and of human dignity. The college regards discrimination on the basis of gender identity/expression to be inconsistent with the establishment of an atmosphere that supports the full engagement of HCC students, faculty, and staff. Gender identity is an individual's personal sense of being male, female, or elsewhere on the spectrum of gender (including those who identify as transgender, or are non-traditional in their gender identity). Gender expression includes external characteristics and behaviors of gender identity such as dress, mannerisms, speech patterns, and social interactions. HCC will take reasonable measures to prevent and discourage all acts of intolerance and harassment on the basis of gender identity/ expression and will act positively to investigate alleged harassment or discrimination and to affect a remedy or resolution when an allegation is determined to be valid.


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