Andrew Fletcher, coordinator, CAP Center

Andrew Fletcher


I'm originally from the West Indies, but Springfield, Mass., is where I call home.


Learning Resource Coordinator, Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS)

What does diversity mean to you?

Diversity is all the array of characteristic and complexities, which makes up our community.

Why is diversity important?

In the plant, animal, and microbe world, diversity contributes to the strength and survivability of those groups, and is truly valued. However, we as humans don't always recognize the value of diversity. In a college environment, diversity adds to the academic and educational strength of the institution.

What inspires you?

I receive inspiration from many places: from nature, from books, from personal narratives students have shared with me. It's not hard to be inspired working at HCC. Being engaged and enabling students to write their biographies is inspiring!

What makes you happy?

Seeing students reach their full potential, and being able to assist them on their journey.

What do you value about working at HCC?

I really value the earnest endeavor of students, with all the challenges and apprehensions they face.


Holyoke Community College
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