Comm-PASS is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Procurement System under the auspices of the Operational Services Division (OSD). It brings purchasers and vendors together by creating a clearinghouse for state solicitations and contracts.

For Vendors

  • Vendors can use Comm-PASS to browse solicitation opportunities by selecting the "Solicitations" tab and searching Holyoke Community College.
  • OSD provides training sessions and on-line materials to vendors on using Comm-PASS.
  • Vendors may also join Comm-PASS, for a fee, in order to be notified by e-mail whenever an open bid is posted which relates to the supplies, equipment, or services a particular vendor provides.

For assistance, contact the Comm-PASS Help Desk at (617) 720-3197.

For Faculty and Staff

Holyoke Community College faculty and staff may use Comm-PASS to view current State Contracts by selecting the "Contracts" tab. The active Statewide Contracts are pre-bid and may be used by faculty and staff to purchase supplies and services for Holyoke Community College in any amount.

For further information about viewing Comm-PASS solicitations and contracts or to post a bid, contact the Administration & Finance Staff Assistant.


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