Dual Enrollment

Are you a junior or senior enrolled in a high school or home school program? Would you like to take college courses now? HCC's Dual Enrollment Program offers a unique learning experience for motivated students like you!

You'll have the chance to experience HCC's academic rigor and classroom diversity while earning both high school and college credit at an affordable price. Some classes may even be free! Whether you opt for a full- or part-time course load, you'll be considered an HCC student and can take advantage of all our resources and participate in campus activities. The college credit you earn through the Dual Enrollment program transfers to most two-year and four-year colleges, both public and private. There is no application fee to apply to the Dual Enrollment Program.

Who Should Apply?

The Dual Enrollment Program is open to juniors and seniors whose high schools have a partnership with HCC or who are home schooled. Participating students benefit from:

  • Challenging coursework
  • A diverse classroom experience
  • An affordable start to a university-caliber education
  • Free access to college clubs and activities, academic support, and all other HCC student services.

Dual Enrollment also helps ease the transition from high school to college. Qualified students get a head start on their college careers, as well as meaningful and challenging academic experiences.

Students participating in the Dual Enrollment program will pay current tuition and fees, unless funding is available. They are responsible for all costs associated with their education, which may include books, lab fees, materials and transportation. Current high students are ineligible for financial aid.

Dual Enrollment students meet with their HCC advisors to register for classes and throughout the semester, as needed. Students may enroll in a maximum of 16 credits each semester. A student whose semester GPA falls below 2.0 during any one semester will be ineligible to continue in the Dual Enrollment program. Students must comply with all HCC policies.

Schedule and Location

The Dual Enrollment Program Office is open M-F from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. It located in the Admissions Office in Frost Building, Room 221.

Transportation and Parking

Free PVTA bus transportation is available to all day students at HCC. HCC's free shuttle service, La Guagua Pa'l College, provides transportation to and from campus for Holyoke residents between 5:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

Free on-campus parking is available to all Dual Enrollment students.

What's Involved?

If you are enrolled at a high school, the first step is to contact your guidance counselor to inquire about Dual Enrollment partnerships between HCC and your school.

Applicants must complete the Dual Enrollment application. This is also available at your high school guidance office. The Dual Enrollment application deadline is June 30 for the Fall semester and December 1 for the Spring Semester. However, we encourage students to submit the application as early as possible.

High school applicants must submit an official high school transcript. Both parent/guardian and guidance counselor approval is required prior to the application deadline. Placement testing is required for all Dual Enrollment students. Testing will take place at HCC and applicants must meet the following minimum Accuplacer scores:

  • Reading Comprehension 55
  • Sentence Skills 60
  • Arithmetic 34

In addition, applicants must meet all prerequisite requirements for selected courses.

Applications will be reviewed on an individual basis. Students who have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA (based on a 4.0 scale) in high school, meet the placement testing requirements, and are recommended by their high school guidance counselor will be considered for acceptance for full- or part-time enrollment.

State funding through the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program (CDEP) will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. All Dual Enrollment applicants will be reviewed for CDEP eligibility.


Jenilee Cochran, Senior Special Program Coordinator
Phone: 413.552.2241
Fax: 413.552.2946 


Holyoke Community College
303 Homestead Ave. Holyoke, MA 01040