College Priorities

Holyoke Community College Priorities for Fiscal Years 2014 & 2015

Approved by the HCC Board of Trustees 4/23/13

    1. 1

      Improve college success of students from underrepresented groups.
      • Reduce the number of students on academic probation from semester to semester by 15%
      • Increase graduation rates by 5% (from 18% to 23%)
      • Increase fall to fall retention of students of color by 5%
      • Increase the diversity of faculty and professional staff from 22% to 30% to reflect the students population.

    1. 2

      Increase student options for achieving educational goals with an emphasis on accessibility and flexibility

      • Implement accelerated academic terms by Fall 2014, including online
      • Develop evening, weekend and online degree granting programs by Fall 2014.

    1. 3

      Accelerate campus renovations in ways that are students focused, sustainable and adaptive to changing needs.

      • Invest in a three year plan to address classroom technology needs by incorporating a budget line item in the capital   budget
      • Develop a funding plan for supporting campus renovations by Fall 2015.

    1. 4

      Develop and support infrastructure and methods for more effective and efficient communications

      • Implement a fully developed portal where all members of the campus converge to find information about all aspects of  campus life by Fall 2013
      • Implement DegreeWorks and use it to separate advising from registration
      • Develop further emergency plans and training.

    1. 5

      Integrate academic and career planning to meet the needs of students in the region

      • Integrate career planning in all educational planning sessions for new students by Fall 2014
      • Require all new high school graduates to complete career assessment/exploration prior to selecting major by Fall 2015
      • Develop a standardized process for reporting regional economic and employment data.

  1. 6

    Increase revenues through diverse and sustainable initiatives

    • Increase revenue from non-grant/non-state sources by 20%
    • Review ability of the institution to sustain grant initiatives.


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