My Plan

Every two years, HCC undertakes a coordinated planning process to accomplish and improve the achievement of its mission. The planning cycle includes:

  • Consideration of opportunities, constraints and trends likely to impact the college,

The most important ingredient in the planning process is the participation of individuals like you. Everyone has something to contribute -- and your contribution really matters.

Together we are responsible for achieving the college's mission.  

The Long Range Planning Committee is pleased to announce that the FY14-15 college priorities listed below were approved by the Senate November 28. These priorities will be presented to the Board of Trustees in January. Next semester the LRPC will work with the vice presidents to evaluate the current priorities and develop an action plan for the new priorities.

FY14-15 College Priorities

  1. Improve success of underperforming students.
  2. Increase students' options for achieving educational goals with an emphasis on accessibility and flexibility.
  3. Accelerate campus renovations in ways that are student focused, sustainable and adaptable to changing needs.
  4. Develop and support infrastructure and methods for more effective and efficient communication.
  5. Integrate academic and career planning to meet the needs of students and the region.
  6. Increase revenue through diverse and sustainable initiatives.


View photos from the campus-wide planning session here on Flickr



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