Adjunct Faculty

Greetings Adjunct Faculty!!

HCC recognizes and appreciates the valuable contribution you make in the education of our students. The enhanced teaching styles you bring into the classroom, supplemented with your work experience outside the educational institution greatly benefit our students in preparation for their future endeavors.

If you have any questions regarding your employment at HCC, please feel free to contact Christine Gosselin-Miller at or call 413.552.2568.

HCC Email

All DCE communication - including your teaching contract(s) - will be sent via your HCC email address. Please use your HCC email account on a regular basis so you don't miss important messages. Any problems with your HCC email account should be addressed to or call 413.552.2075.

DCE/MCCC Agreement

The DCE/MCCC Agreement is designed to inform you of your rights and obligations as an adjunct faculty member. Please read the "Welcome Pamphlet" in addition to the full Agreement. The MCCC office staff is ready to help you with any inquiries, toll-free, at 877.442.6222.

Online Payment of Dues or Agency Fees

In compliance with Article IX (9.02) and (9.03), payment of dues or agency fees is a condition of employment as adjunct faculty. For your convenience, online payment by credit card or authorization of payroll deduction is recommended. You may also call the MCCC office to check on your account and/or discuss payment options at 877.442.6222.

Adjunct Pay Schedule

Adjunct faculty are paid in the regular HR/CMS bi-weekly payroll distribution beginning with the second payroll of the semester, and in bi-weekly equal installments thereafter until the final payroll date within the semester. Adjuncts teaching a different schedule during the fall/spring semester and those teaching during the summer session are paid bi-weekly beginning with the second payroll following the start of their class(es) and ending in the payroll following the end of their class(es).

Access to your payroll account information is available 24/7 on the Commonwealth employee self service site. If you need assistance with your ID number to access your account, please contact the College's Payroll Manager at 413.552.2209.

Textbook Orders

(If you are using Interner Explorer, click on "Tools" in the upper tool bar, and then click on 'Compatibility View" prior to opening the text book adoption form.  For all other browsers, skip this step.) 

Order your textbooks online as soon as possible to ensure that students will have their books by the first day of class. The College's bookstore is located one floor down from the cafeteria in the Campus Center and can be reached at 413.552.2521. HCC Bookstore hours are available for day and evening classes. If you need assistance please contact or

Unemployment Benefits

When you are separated from your employment at HCC, you may be eligible to file for unemployment benefits. More information and the claim form can be found here.

Tax Sheltered Annuity

Under the Internal Revenue Code Section 403(b), all employees (except student employees) are eligible to make tax-sheltered contributions through payroll deduction. The Department of Higher Education has contracts with seven vendors. Employees may participate in this plan at any time.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is preparing for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which requires that all employers provide the opportunity to enroll in health care coverage to all employees working 130 hours or more per month or 30 hours per week on average.

In order to assess our responsibility and to define reporting parameters for non-standard positions, the Commonwealth, in concert with the Department of Higher Education, has developed and is implementing a new process for reporting. This process involves a calculation of an hourly rate which is the contract goal amount divided by the contract duration (weeks) divided by the number of Standard Hours. Standard hours are credit hours multiplied by two. The value of 2.5 hours per credit hour is a placeholder for the sole purpose of ACA and is subject to collective bargaining and/or to comply with forthcoming IRS regulations.

Your compensation and workload are not affected by this designation. You will still receive your contractual compensation in the time period as defined by your campus.


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