V. Employee Classification - Union Membership

New employees will be contacted by representatives of the bargaining unit during their initial months of employment. Copies of collective bargaining agreements can be obtained from union representatives.

Faculty and Unit Professional Staff
The MCCC (Massachusetts Community College Council) is the exclusive bargaining representative with respect to conditions of employment for all benefited faculty and academic support personnel. All faculty members and unit professional staff must either join the union and pay assessed dues or pay an agency service fee. To view the entire MCCC Collective Bargaining Agreement, go to http://mccc-union.org/daycontract.htm.

Non-unit Professional Staff

Non-unit Professional staff follow the Non-unit Professionals Personnel Policies Handbook. Non-unit professional staff include but are not limited to: president, vice presidents, assistant vice presidents, deans, directors, managers, staff associates, staff assistants and those other professional employees identified by the College. Click on Non-unit Professional Personnel Policies Handbook to view.

Classified Staff

Unit Classified Staff are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the Department of Higher Education and AFSCME - American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO. Classified employees (except those excluded) must join the union and either pay assessed dues or pay an agency service fee. 

Non-unit Classified

Non-unit Classified staff follow the Non-Unit Classified Handbook.

Contract for Services

A contract for services is required for an independent contractor who works or provides services that are customarily an established trade, occupation, profession or business. An Employment Status Form is required to determine this status. The independent contractor is not considered an employee of the College; therefore a W9 must be completed.

Part-time Non-benefited Employees (Request to Employ)
This employee is defined as one who works during a fiscal year, and who works no more than eighteen and one-half (18.5) hours per week with no benefits.

MCCC Part-time (non-benefited)

A unit member employed for any part of the fiscal year including employees whose primary duties are other than teaching and who are employed to work less than eighteen and one-half (18.5) hours per week, with no benefits. (e.g. Professional Tutors, Academic Advisors)


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