XVI. Personnel Files

Holyoke Community College maintains personnel records pertaining to individuals as employees of the College as are relevant and necessary to the administration of personnel programs and administration of the College.  These files shall be maintained in full compliance with Chapter 149, Section 52C and Chapter 66A of the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and applicable provisions of collective bargaining agreements and employee handbooks. 

Responsibility and Location of Records

It is the responsibility of each employee to notify the College of any changes in personal data including personal mailing address, telephone number, change in marital status and dependent information, degrees, course work and/or licenses directly related to the employee's position at the College, and other relevant information as requested. 

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for the maintenance of personnel files. Personnel files are located in the Office of Human Resources.

Contents of Personnel Files

Personnel files of individual employees will include only information pertaining to employment such as resume, records related to hiring, promotion, discipline, demotion, transfer, retirement, classification and compensation, training, position description, college transcripts, licenses and certifications required for the job, honors and awards received from the College as a result of the employee's job duties for the College, performance evaluations, and other official College documents. 

Personnel files shall include, in separate and distinct files, medical or insurance records, retirement or other employee benefits' enrollment forms, immigration forms (I-9), tax forms (federal and state), EEO/Affirmative Action self-identification forms, wage garnishments, litigation, workers' compensation records, employment verifications, and other records that are deemed to be inappropriate for placement in personnel files but which contain information that is personal in nature as opposed to information that is related to the employee's job performance at the College.

Employees who wish to place a document in their personnel file may submit the document with a request for placement in the file to the Dean of Human Resources.  Relevant documents will be placed in personnel files; documents that are not determined to be relevant will be returned to the employee.

Access to Information in Personnel Records

      Personnel records are the property of Holyoke Community College and access to them is restricted as follows. 

  • Access by the Individual:  An employee may review his/her personnel file by appointment during regular business hours and has a right to copies of personnel file documents upon written request, at that employee's expense.
  • Access by Other HCC Individuals:  Supervisors and management personnel of HCC who have a legitimate reason to review information in an employee's personnel file are permitted access. 
  • Access Required by Subpoena and Other Laws:  Personnel records or the information contained therein will be released pursuant to a lawful subpoena or in other circumstances where HCC is required by law to release the records or the information.
  • Release Pursuant to Authorization:  Upon written authorization of the individual, access to information from the personnel records of that employee shall be released to the authorized individual.

In all cases, access to personnel files must be approved by the Dean of Human Resources and is done in the presence of the Dean or designee.  Persons reviewing a personnel file are required to sign the personnel audit sheet included in the file.


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