Employee Orientation Programs

Holyoke Community College (HCC) recognizes the importance of hiring and retaining new faculty and staff with the most potential for success at the College.  Our New Employee Orientation Program is designed to welcome new employees to the college in an open and friendly manner that will help them ease into the workplace on their first day of employment.  By introducing the new employees to the campus, presenting them with vital information regarding policies and procedures, introducing them to key people face-to-face, and giving them a positive first experience, new faculty and staff will be armed with some knowledge of the campus that will help their success during their first weeks of employment.

In addition, new faculty and staff will have the opportunity to socialize and get to know one another at a special luncheon prepared just for them with the President and other key employees.

Coordinated by the Human Resources Department, the orientation program begins with one full day of activities scheduled during the last week in August, just prior to the beginning of the new fall semester or at the beginning of the spring semester.  The keynote speakers and activities presenters are people from various departments across the campus with expertise in their work areas.  An invitation with the schedule of events and the day's calendar are sent to new employees prior to orientation day.  In addition, the Human Resources department will tailor another orientation session for staff hired between semesters, as needed.

The morning of orientation day begins with an initial welcome from the President and introductions to the Director of Public Safety and to the Dean of Human Resources.  The program continues with a walking tour of the campus to familiarize new employees with the primary programs and services the college has to offer, and to introduce new employees to key people, face-to-face, on campus.  In addition to receiving important information and handouts, new employees will participate in hands-on training in the library resources computer center, and in the Information Technology Division for computer maintenance and Google training.

The primary goal of the New Employee Orientation Program is to make new faculty and staff feel welcome and valued, to introduce them to the college community, and to encourage an enthusiasm about becoming productive members of the HCC team.


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