Media Services

HCC Media Services is part of the Information Technology Division. It is comprised of the Academic Classroom Technology, Media Retrieval System, AV Equipment Distribution and Videoconferencing.

We are a resource for administration, faculty and students to receive technical direction and assistance in the use of new and emerging educational technologies, both in the classroom and in the community.

Our goal is to provide the entire College community with professional support and equal access to the Media Services facilities.

Instructional Technology is any technology which directly supports teaching and learning. It includes the use of computers, the Internet and other forms of multi-media technology.


  1. 1

    Establish an effective, ongoing planning and implementation process for a technology standard in the classroom. (Addressing any issues related to access, disabilities,special curriculum requirements and budget.)

  2. 2

    Establish an instructional program for faculty and staff in the use and operation of the multi-media technology in the classroom.

  3. 3

    Through professional development and research in the emerging instructional technologies; Media Services will keep the college community informed (via a web page) of the latest developments, progress in classroom projects and equipment issues.

  4. 4

    Ensure equipment performance and reliability in the classroom. Media Services will establish a technical support program for ITD in the operation and maintenance of the multi-media technology in the classroom.

  5. 5

    Develop a collaboration with Academic departments, faculty on integrating technology into the classroom and with the Administration in the support of these classrooms.




Edward Murch, Classroom Technology Manager
Multi-Media System design, specification, installation and project management; Management and Instruction of multi-media technology; and Videoconferencing.

Carlos Garcia, AV Equipment Technician
Multi-Media equipment installation, operation and technical support; media production and AV equipment.

Audio Visual Equipment Request
Login to EMS to request AV equipment for a classroom, meeting, or an event.
An email will be submitted to the AV staff.


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