Resource Development Office

The Resource Development Office is the centralized clearinghouse and source of support for grant activity throughout the Holyoke Community College campus.

About our Office

The Resource Development Office exists to:

  • Support the mission and vision of Holyoke Community College through the creation of innovative projects and partnerships that are funded by external grant-funding agencies.
  • Write and process proposals for the college and HCC Foundation.
  • Coordinate and support grant writing efforts initiated by faculty and staff.
  • Identify grant opportunities.
  • Track grant activity and regularly report to the President and Vice Presidents.
  • Coordinate partnership proposals with other higher education institutions, school districts, community-based organizations, and other entities.
  • Track reporting requirements and provide support as necessary.
  • Ensure quality and prevent misrepresentation to funders.
  • Act as the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) for all online submissions of grants through and other web-based portals.
  • Communicate professional development opportunities for faculty and staff offered by grant-funding agencies.

Have an Idea for a Grant?

Please visit and fill out the Grant Concept Form or contact us BEFORE performing significant work on a proposal.

If you do not know of a source of funding for your idea, complete the form anyway and the Resource Development Office will begin the research process to find an appropriate source.

If you do know of a source of funding, the Grant Concept Form should be filled out within reasonable time before a grant deadline.  Because each grant opportunity is different, "reasonable time" may mean one week for a simple proposal for a small project, to three to six months in advance of submission of a large federal proposal.

In the Works...

  • Links to external resources and funding agencies
  • Announcement s of professional development opportunities
  • Descriptions of grant-funded projects at HCC
  • Annual report of Resource Development activity

Hours and Location

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
The Resource Development Office is located in Kittredge Center 201


Holyoke Community College
303 Homestead Ave. Holyoke, MA 01040