Long Range Planning & College Priorities

Long range planning meeting 2014

Every few years, HCC undertakes a coordinated planning process to accomplish and improve the achievement of its mission. During this time, the college's Long Range Planning Committee, together with HCC students, faculty and staff, meet to develop a set of college priorities. The planning cycle includes:

  • A review of progress achieved toward current priorities
  • Consideration of opportunities, constraints and trends likely to impact the college
  • The development of a course of action to achieve college priorities 

  • Publication of a progress report, such as this, from 2014-2015.

Comments or questions? Please contact our chair at mconroy@hcc.edu or 413.552.2582.

Members of the Long Range Planning Committee
Maureen Conroy, director of OSDDS, chair
Holly Martin-Peele, professor of radiologic technology, vice-chair 
Judy Turcotte, secretary, ex-officio
Jennifer Adams, interim dean of the library
Veena Dhanker, director of institutional research (ex-officio)
Bill Fogarty, vice president Administration and Finance
Bob Greeney, professor of physics
Joanne Kostides, professor of communications
Vanessa Martinez, professor of sociology
Bryn Nowell, admissions program coordinator
JoAnne Rome, director of marketing and communications
Sarah Schmidt, PAFEC administrator
Linda Szalankiewicz, chief information officer


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