A quest teacher presentiing to a group of quest students.


Just What is Quest?

Scholars taking a step forward in their education

Quest is an academic enrichment, art, and cultural appreciation program that works with students for seven consecutive years, beginning in sixth grade and continuing throughout middle and high school.

With the ever-increasing emphasis on academic achievement, it's easy to forget that the arts, culture and sports are an integral part of youth development. The Quest program is dedicated to enriching youth development with a full appreciation of educational, art, and community engagement throughout the entire year.

Quest succeeds because it is a consistent and year-round program:

  • Places high intellectual and behavioral expectations upon its scholars; it gives students a sense of identity
  • Encourages scholars to set goals and work to achieve them
  • Builds a community of pride among students, their families, and other caring adults
  • It is FUN!
  • Facilitates a 100% participant college entry rate

Who are Quest Scholars?

Who are Quest Scholars?

Quest scholars are students entering the 6th and 7th grade who have been recommended to the program by their school or social service agency. They have enthusiasm, curiosity, positive behavior, and academic potential.



Quest scholars participate in a series of scholastic and cultural enrichment programs throughout the school year and summer months. Quest scholars gain new skills, develop confidence, and engage in hands-on learning activities.


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