Who are Quest Scholars?

Quest scholars are students entering the 6th and 7th grade who have bee recommended to the program by their school or social service agency.  Once students are accepted into Quest they remain in the program throughout their middle and high school years

Scholars are recommended to Quest based on the following criteria:

  • Academic potential, enthusiasm
  • Curiosity and spark
  • Positive behavior
  • Performing at/above grade level

As a condition of Quest funding, the program is open to those that meet the above guidelines and qualify for free or reduced lunch and/or come from a traditionally underserved population.

Quest Graduates:

  • Earn up to 10 college credits
  • Participate in social and cultural experiences
  • Gain leadership skills and professional training
  • Develop an impressive resume

Look who's talking Quest!

"I love being a Quest Scholar, it makes me feel important and proud of myself"
~Current Quest Scholar

"I have been referring students to the Quest program for at least 12 years and it is one of my favorite responsibilities because I know what the program will give my students - academic enrichment, exposure to the fine arts, the opportunity to meet scholars from other towns, the feel of a college campus, and most importantly in my opinion, a sense of pride and self-esteem"
~School Administrator

"I love that the program is very structured and it is obvious that those involved are committed to the students and that much time is spent in preparation"
~Parent of Quest Scholar


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