Campus Policies

HCC welcomes community use of college facilities. In doing so, we ask that college policies be observed while on the HCC campus. Please note that, while space is available on a first come, first served basis, the college places special priority on use of the facility for educational purposes.

Smoke Free Campus

Smoking is prohibited on the Holyoke Community College campus. This includes our buildings and our outdoor spaces. The decision to establish a smoke free campus reflects HCC's commitment to provide an accessible, safe and healthy environment in which to learn and work. HCC is proud to have joined the hundreds of other colleges, universities and businesses across the nation that have gone smoke free. Visitors who wish to smoke in private vehicles may do so as long as the smoke is contained so that it is a health threat only to the occupants of the vehicle.

Political Activity Policy

Holyoke Community College's policies encourage the use of college facilities for educational and civic purposes. Political discourse and events related to national, state and local elections enhance HCC's educational and community service mission. At the same time, it is important to stress that as a public college, all campus facilities are property of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, resulting in certain requirements. The facilities-use policies exist to ensure that activities can occur successfully alongside ongoing campus operations, and include the following guidelines:

  • HCC encourages the broadest possible access on a fair, uniform and impartial basis by college-sponsored groups and responsible outside organizations.
  • By state law, facility use must be without cost to the Commonwealth.  The college must recover costs incurred for all expenses beyond those ordinarily required for operation of the campus.
  • Requests for facility use must be submitted at least two weeks prior to anticipated use.  If an organization has a tax identification number, it should be provided at the time of application.
  • Activities must be scheduled in a manner that avoids interference with classes, related college activities and the needs of students, faculty and staff.  Participants must comply with campus safety and security policies.
  • Bullhorns or other unauthorized amplification equipment are prohibited.
  • Non-college users must indemnify and hold harmless the Board of Trustees and college against any claim for personal injury or damage to the college arising out of the proposed use, and ensure that all facilities are maintained in the same order and repair as at the commencement of the activity.
  • Fundraising for any political purpose by anyone on Commonwealth property is strictly forbidden by state law.
  • All functions must end by 11:00 p.m. unless special permission is granted by the Vice President for Administration & Finance.
  • Decorations or other items affixed to walls, ceiling fixtures, windows, doors, etc. are prohibited unless approved by the Director of Facilities.

Please direct any questions to the Vice President for Administration & Finance at 413.552.2800 or


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