Refund Policy

A withdrawal form must be completed to receive any refund. Refunds are based on the date the form is received, regardless of registration date or attendance.

Refund policy for credit courses:

If you withdraw, refund will be:


Full term and 7-week courses:

Prior to and including the first week of classes:
100% of tuition/ESF/fees

During the second week of classes:
50% of tuition/ESF only

After the second week of classes:
No refund (outstanding balance due in full)

5-week (beginning with week one of the semester):
Consistent with full-term

5-week (beginning week two or later of the semester):

Prior to and including the first 3 business days of the session (including the first day of class):
100% refund of tuition/EFS/fees

During the 4th and 5th business days from (and including) the first day of class:
50% refund of tuition/EFS only

After the 5th business day of the session (including the first day of class):
No refund (outstanding balance due in full)

Registration will be cancelled (and course schedule dropped) for any student account or bill not paid by the due date. *Exceptions will be made for students on the payment plan and those who have pending financial aid applications and are making satisfactory academic progress. A student will be responsible for any charges incurred that are not addressed in a payment plan or covered by financial aid. Students will be responsible for charges incurred if courses are not dropped during the add/drop period.

Intersession 2017 REFUND POLICY

October 26 – January 5:
100% refund of tuition/ESF/fees

January 6:
50% refund of tuition/ESF only

After January 6:
No refund (outstanding balance due in full)

ESF=Educational Service Fee

Music Fee refunds also follow the schedule above.

Note: Student Service, Technology & Transportation Fees are refunded 100% for College withdrawals prior to the end of the first week of classes. The HCC Payment Plan Enrollment Fee is non-refundable.


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