Test Preparation

Test preparation gives you the knowledge and strategies you need to face tests with confidence. Need to prepare for the SAT or High School Equivalency Testing? Our prep courses include comprehensive review, practice tests, and test-taking tips and techniques.

SAT Preparation
Proper preparation for the SAT can significantly raise your score. This course covers general test-taking strategies, as well as proven strategies for both the verbal and math sections, as provides practice tests in analogies, sentence completion, critical reading, math problem solving, and quantitative comparisons. The course also offers preparation for the new short readings and essay questions.

High School Equivalency Test Preparation
Beginning with diagnostic testing, this program reviews all areas covered by the High School Equivalency test: writing skills, social studies, science, reading comprehension, and mathematics. You'll get tips on how to take the High School Equivalency test and use of the hand calculator used in the test.:

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