All-Time Players List


"Cougars All-Time" honors the special student-athletes that have left their mark on the Holyoke Community College Men's Baseball Program.  There has been HCC men's baseball team formally since 1968, when former major league player/broadcaster and Holyoke native Fran Healy became the "first coach" to compete against State and regional competition.  Prior to that time the team played in various years dating back to the 1950's.  Numerous talented players and teams have worn the Cougar uniform and the following is a list of "All-Time" players noting captaincy, MVP, Player Award, Trainer,  All New England, and  All-American awards.  

All-Time Players List 1950-59

All-Time Players List 1960-69

All-Time Players List 1970-79

All-Time Players List 1980-89

All-Time Players List 1990-99

All-Time Players List 2000-10  


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