Refund Policy

You must have your receipt in order to receive a refund.

Do not write in your books before you have been to class and are positive that you will stay in the course. A marked book or a carelessly handled book is a used book and will be refunded at a USED price. This includes any diskettes, CD's, access codes, etc.

Book refunds will be given as follows:

  • Fall and Spring Semesters:
    • For classes which do not run the entire fall or spring semester, textbooks are returnable through the second day of that session.
    • Summer Session I and II
    • Returnable through the first Friday of that session.
  • For Intersession classes which are three weeks long:
    • Returnable thru the third day of that class,
    • Two week classes have thru the second day of that class
    • One week classes have thru the first day of that class.

For all other merchandise, refunds will be granted with receipt within ten (10) working days from date of purchase. All merchandise should be in the same condition as when purchased, including all tags and packaging.

Refunds will be handled by manner of purchase:

  • Financial aid = credit back to financial aid account.
  • Paying by cash=cash refund.
  • Paying by credit/debit card=credit card refund.
  • Paying by check=check refund (check purchases receive a check refund in 3-4 weeks from student accounts provided your college account is clear.)

Reminder: cash register receipts are required for all textbook returns.


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