Clean Shoe Policy

Users must change into a 2nd pair of shoes prior to using the Gymnasium, the Fitness/Wellness Room (BC 109), and/or the Multipurpose Exercise Studio (BC 202)! Please change into your 2nd pair of shoes in the lobby (benches are provided in the lobby) or please display your 2nd pair of shoes to the Check-In and Control Attendant, then proceed to the locker rooms.  

A clean shoe policy will help to accomplish the paramount tasks of preserving the floor surfaces and equipment in the Bartley Center.  It will also save the College a considerable amount of funds that would be needed to resurface the variety of floors and replace equipment prematurely, if we did not have a clean shoe policy.  This type of policy is typical at most health clubs.  

What this policy requires is all people bring a second pair of clean footwear to change into when coming to exercise or to use the activity areas for any reason.  This pair of footwear would need to be hand carried in and clean (free of rocks, pebbles, dirt, sand, gum, and road salt). This is not necessarily a new pair - only clean.  If you happen to have a favorite pair of that you like to exercise in and you want to also wear them on weekends, fine by us!  We only ask that before you come to the facility on your next visit that you thoroughly clean those shoes and they are hand carried into the Bartley Center. Lastly, it is very important, for this to be effective, to put your street shoes back on your feet only after you return to the lobby.  

Also, another concern that people are typically confused about are the black soled exercise footwear.  Many black soled footwear choices are fine to wear any where in this facility; it really depends on the type of footwear that you are using. A non marking outer sole is required. Running footwear and outdoor hikers are usually the culprit footwear that will leave black marks on playing surfaces. 

We thank you!                                      


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