Group Exercise Course Description

  Bartley Center Group Exercise Course Descriptions

BODY SCULPTING This class will use light weights to tone and sculpt your entire body.  There will be a combination of light weight lifting and abdominal work, finished off with stretching.  It only lasts 45 minutes, so if you're too busy to take a full class, or you're just getting into shape, this is the class for you! 

CARDIO CONTENDERS Stop talking about getting in shape and get your body in gear! Join today for traditional (Hi/Lo) aerobics and muscle conditioning workouts that will sculpt your body and optimize your health and productivity.  The workout intensity can be easily adjusted to accommodate all levels of fitness- so whether you're a beginner or world class athlete- these classes are for you!! 

CARDIO SPIN CIRCUIT An interval class with resistance training, spinning, stair climbing, walking, jump rope, hula hoop,  etc. Each interval is about 2 minutes in length and the class meets for 1 hour.  If there is a particular segment that you prefer not to participate in, no worries, just substitute some other form of exercise.  Give it a try - it's good for the body to change training methods!  

FITNESS FUSION  A unique cardiovascular movement class that blends yoga and Pilates like movements, enabling you to center your energy, and reduce stress.  The class will end with a stretching component, focusing on enhanced flexibility by increasing range of motion, while improving posture and alignment.  Modifications will be incorporated.

JUST THE CORE This quick, 30 minute workout is designed to improve the strength of your abdominal and low back.

PILATES BODIES A total body workout done on a mat that develops core strength, muscle flexibility and muscle balance.  Pilates is appropriate for most people with varying levels of fitness.  Strength, stabilization, flexibility, range of motion, body alignment & balance are goals of this class.  The class takes place in a dimly lit room with soft music playing to assist with you concentration.  Modifications will be taught and the workout intensity can be easily adjusted to accommodate all levels of fitness.

SPINNING FOR ALL LEVELS A 45-50 minute indoor cycling class for beginners.  You will experience a ride to music that simulates an outdoor cycling experience, without the dogs or traffic! Please allow time before class for a brief orientation and after class for equipment clean up. Space is limited. Preregistration for each session and a $5 fee is required to "hold your bike".

STRETCH & FLEX Stretching exercises for your comfort and well being.

"QUICK" STEP INTO FITNESS Looking for a quick fun way to burn some calories, get your heart rate up and increase metabolism?  Try "Quick" Step Aerobics.  This class will warm you up, get your heart pumping and cool you down all in a very quick 30 minutes.  You'll get your workout done and be on your way in no time flat.  Although the step routines are basic and easy to follow, the intensity increases throughout the class period.  Repetition will help beginners stay in their comfort zone.

First time participants should meet with the instructor a few minutes before class for a brief orientation.  All classes are inclusive in nature.  Our instructors are qualified to assist a variety of levels of fitness as well as to keep our participants interested by varying their routines.  Classes are held in BC 202.  Any questions, call Mary Shelasky at 552 - 2161.


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