Spinning: Things You Should Know


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Things you need to know before your first class  

Participants will need to register in advance:
Registration begins six days in advance of the scheduled class. You must register IN PERSON with a valid BC, Open Fitness, or HCC Student ID at the BC check-in desk. The first 6 people to register get placed on the "Reserved" list; the next six people to register get placed on the "Stand By" list. 

There is a fee to participate.
Each person who is placed on the "Reserved" list must pay a $5 fee. If you are late or miss the class, you forfeit your fee and your bike will be given to the first person on the "Stand By" list who is present, going down the list as necessary. Any "Stand By" person who is given a bike must also pay the $5 class fee. 

What should I wear?
Biking shorts are encouraged. If you have special biking shoes, our new bikes can accommodate the clip. No special shoes are required.

When should I arrive?
Students new to the HCC class must arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the start of class for an orientation. New students will not be allowed in class without having attended an orientation session prior to the start of class. All returning students on the "Reserved" list must arrive five minutes before class to claim your bike. Students arriving late will not be accommodated and bikes will be given to "Stand By" students.

Additional Information:
Each student will be required to thoroughly clean the bike and the area surrounding it after class and return the bike to its storage location. Failure to do so will result in the student being placed on "Spinning Probation" for one month.

What if I can't attend a class I preregistered for?
We realize that emergencies happen. If you have an emergency and can't attend a class on the day that you have preregistered, we will allow you to move a registration to the next available class until 12 noon the day of the class. No changes can be accommodated after noon the day of the class. 

Any questions you may have about the class can be forwarded to the instructor through Mary Shelasky, BC Administrative offices.  


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