Frequently Asked Questions

Why did HCC go smoke free?

Scientific evidence proves smoking is hazardous to both active smokers and non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke. Each year in the United States, smoking accounts for an estimated 443,000 deaths, and secondhand smoke causes an estimated 50,000 deaths from heart disease and lung cancer. Plus, for countless others, it's a respiratory and nasal irritant, an allergen and just plain annoying. The decision to establish a smoke-free campus reflects HCC's commitment to provide an accessible, safe, healthy and pleasant environment in which to learn and work. Promoting healthy lifestyles is consistent with HCC's mission as an educational institution. The policy is also a result of the efforts of students, faculty and staff members who urged HCC to join the hundreds of other colleges and universities around the country that were already smoke free.

Who does this policy affect?

Everyone who sets foot on campus -- students, faculty, staff, visitors, vendors, contractors, pets, aliens (presumably).

How will HCC enforce the new policy?

The college will take a community approach to educating and notifying students about the new policy by asking volunteers to hand out cards explaining the smoking policy to anyone found in violation. This approach is meant to be educational and supportive, rather than confrontational. Any disciplinary measures will be reserved for repeat infractions or infractions that interfere with the college's academic or workplace needs or responsibilities, consistent with applicable collective bargaining agreement procedures and the Student Code of Conduct. Visitors who fail to comply with the policy may be prohibited from remaining on or returning to campus.

Are there any designated smoking areas on campus?

No. Smoking is now prohibited everywhere inside and outside -- buildings, walkways, plazas, playing fields, hiking trails, wooded areas, grassy lawns and parking lots.

Can I smoke electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes)/vapor cigarettes on campus?

No. Electronic cigarettes/vapor cigarettes are included in the ban.

Can I still smoke in the enclosed waiting area near the bus turn?

No. Smoking is no longer allowed in that area -- or anywhere else on campus.

Can I still smoke near the entrances to college buildings as long as I stay at least 20 feet away?

No. The entire HCC campus is now a no-smoking zone.

Can I still deposit my cigarette butts in those smelly, tar-stained receptacles placed throughout campus?

No. Those receptacles have all been removed, so please don't bring your butts to campus.

Can I still toss my cigarette butts in campus gardens, flower pots and planters?

Uh, no. That is a disgusting habit, no matter where you are. By the way, you can't smoke on the HCC campus.

Then can I just throw them on the ground?


Can I smoke in my car?

If you must, yes, but only in private vehicles and only as long as the smoke stays in your car where it is a health threat only to you and your passengers.

Can I smoke in your car?

No, you may not.

How will I survive all day on campus without smoking?

Quit, if you can. If you can't, please visit HCC Health Services in Frost 105, near the Student Lounge, and the nurse on duty will provide free nicotine patches to help you cope. The college also offers counseling and a smoking cessation program and can refer you to other resources.


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