Smoking Policy

1.   Effective August 13, 2012, smoking will be prohibited everywhere on the Holyoke Community College campus, indoors and on the grounds, except in cars parked in parking lots.

2.   Educational opportunities about the benefits of smoking cessation and assistance with smoking cessation for smokers who are members of the HCC community are available through HCC Health Services. 

3.   The college will take a community approach to educating and notifying students about the new policy by having hand out cards available explaining the smoking policy to students/employees who are found to be smoking outside of their cars. This policy is modeled after other colleges' approaches to this issue, both nationwide and statewide, and will be educational, supportive, and non-confrontational at this time and until further notice. Any disciplinary measures will be reserved for repeat infractions or infractions that interfere with the college's academic or workplace needs or responsibilities, consistent with applicable collective bargaining agreement procedures or Student Code of Conduct. Visitors who fail to comply with the policy may be prohibited from remaining on or returning to campus.


Holyoke Community College
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