Identity Clubs

Asian American Student Association

This club seeks to promote Asians culture, consolidating Asians and other students, and providing guidance and direction to new members to the college's environment.


Baha'i Club

The purpose of the Baha'i Club is to acquaint those interested with the tenets of the Baha'i faith by sponsoring lectures, information tables, service projects, discussions, informal gatherings, social activities, and public meetings. The Baha'i Club has no political affiliations on a campus level or otherwise.


Black Student Alliance

This club is on break as we seek student leadership to start it again.


Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is a group of HCC members (students and staff) who believe in salvation through the blood of Christ, have a desire to fellowship around the Word of God (the Bible), and want to build up the Body of Christ and to cover this campus with prayer. Anyone desiring to know more about Christianity is welcome.


International Students Club

The International Students Club exists to promote divesity and international awareness in the campus community.


Latino International Student's Association LISA

Information about the LISA Club. Our mission is teaching our society the reality behind the “latino” stereotypes; learning by supporting other clubs and participating in HCC’s activities and events; and uniting people because we believe in teamwork and when you join you become part of our family.


S.A.S. - Students on the Autism Spectrum

The S.A.S. Club welcomes everyone and works to educate the HCC community about people living with autism.


Shalom! Jewish Student's Club

Our purpose is to offer to HCC students, Jewish and non-Jewish, the possibility to learn and understand about Jewish culture and traditions, like celebrations, holidays and special dishes. Among many of the activities this club does, club members plan fundraising events as well as attend discussion panels and conferences with expert guest speakers.


Spanish Christian Club

We seek to unite the youth in a positive way to achieve different goals academically and socially. We want to lead them through the right path putting all the negativity aside giving the best of them to be successful in life.


QSA: Queer Straight Alliance

Our purpose is to support all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight ally persons, and to help in the elimination, through education, of homophobia and heterosexism on the HCC campus by bringing together the LGBT and straight communities.



Trans Campus is a campus advocacy group (comprised of students, faculty, and staff) committed to creating and fostering an open and inclusive campus community for individuals who are transgender/gender queer/questioning. We’ve been active at HCC since 2007, and are still going strong!


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