A.S. in Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

If I will not meet the math requirement by deadline, will my file be reviewed?

No, unfortunately your file will not go to the committee. Only those applicants who display the math requirement at time of deadline will be reviewed (see minimum requirements for consideration).

I haven't completed the suggested coursework to apply to the A.S. Nursing Proggram or Practical Nursing Certificate program yet. Can I still come to HCC?

YES! Students are encouraged to enter the college as a "Foundations of Health" student. In this major, you will be identified as a potential Nursing applicant and will be assigned to an advisor that will assist you in establishing an educational plan. As a student in this major, you may complete any of your non-Nursing courses (e.g. A&P I and II, English I and II, Math 095, etc.) then apply to the program when you have met the requirements for consideration.

Can I speak with an advisor about the A.S. Nursing Program or Practical Nursing Certificate program?

Yes, you are required to attend a Nursing Information Session to meet with a representative from the programs. Check the website www.hcc.edu for upcoming information sessions.

How is my file evaluated?

The A.S. Nursing Program and the Practical Nursing Certificate program cohorts are selected from a pool of applicants who have displayed the minimum academic requirements for admission to the program. Space is limited and not all applicants are accepted. Applications will be reviewed and candidates will be notified of the admissions decision by mail on or about April 15. The process is competitive and your file will be ranked using the following:
1. Grade Point Average (GPA) for those courses applicable to the nursing curriculum (e.g. English, Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, etc.).
2. Two or more years of work/volunteer experience in the field of healthcare.
3. Credits completed at HCC.
4. Educational background (prior degrees completed).
5. PAX results.

If I am not accepted this year, will I automatically be accepted next year?

No, you are not guaranteed acceptance. All applicants must reapply.

Can I work and attend classes full time?

Coursework is complex and requires a personal commitment. Part- time employment may be appropriate, but will need to be flexible in order to accommodate school requirements. Students are encouraged to balance their employment and school responsibilities.

If I can't find my Immunization Records, what do I do?

Ask your MD to perform antibody titer tests for the diseases, and submit a copy of the actual lab reports (not flow sheets) to Health Services by February 1.

Can I take the PAX more than once?

Prospective applicants will be allowed to take the NLN PAX once during each application cycle. Score is valid for two application cycles.

Can I take the PAX at a different center?


I was previously in a nursing program at a different institution. Can I apply to HCC?

No, we do not take applicants who have been previously enrolled in a nursing program.

Where do I attend a clinical setting or placement, and how do I get there?

Nursing students are responsible for their own transportation to clinical sites which include healthcare agencies throughout the Pioneer Valley.

Are recommendations accepted?

Recommendations are not accepted.

I am already an L.P.N. Is there a special program for me?

Currently the A.S. Nursing Program does not offer a bridge program for LPNs.

If I am not accepted into the A.S. Nursing Program, will my application automatically be considered for the Practical Nursing Certificate Program?

No. If you would like your application considered for the Practical Nursing Certificate Program, you must check the appropriate box in the application, and take the PN PAX.

Can I transfer to a four-year school and earn a bachelor's degree?

Yes! You may apply for admission to four-year accredited colleges and universities, including the Elms and AIC, among others. You may schedule an appointment with the Transfer Coordinator at (413) 552-2498 to discuss your specific goals.

Can I apply for financial aid?

Yes. Inquire at the Financial Aid Office, (413) 552-2150. We encourage all applicants to apply for financial aid.

Additionally, what must I know?

• It is up to the applicant to read the essential functions standards and understand that it is his/her responsibility to discuss any accommodation that he/she may need by contacting the Office for Students with Disabilities and Deaf Services at (413) 552-2417.

• The applicant is responsible for ensuring that his/her application file is complete and that all items are received by the deadlines. No applications will be accepted after the February 1 deadline.

• The applicant must read the statement in the A.S. Nursing Program and Practical Nursing Certificate Program application regarding the CORI/ SORI policies. All Nursing students are required to complete a form. A positive finding may prevent a student from entering or successfully completing either program due to clinical site requirements and/or may prohibit them from taking the NCLEX-RN.

In compliance with the Clery Act (20 U.S.C. 1092(a) and (f), all prospective students are entitled to review the HCC Annual Security Report. Also, this report may be requested through the Office of Admissions.


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