Biology Department

male student studying plant in hcc biology greenhouse

Biology is the study of life in all of its forms. Microbes to mammals and fungi to flowering plants, biologists examine the details of the amazing diversity of life on Earth. Modern biologists study life processes that are too small to be seen even with a powerful microscope, up through life events too grand to be viewed over a century. The Biology Department at HCC offers courses spanning this entire range. Biology students enjoy the use of the college greenhouse, an extensive nature trail system, and seven dedicated laboratories.

The Biology Department offers a variety of courses to meet your interests and needs whatever your major or your career plans. Whether you're interested in courses for majors or non-majors, check the current offerings of Biology courses in online course schedule here.

For students preparing for a 4-year degree or career in life sciences, the department oversees the Associate in Arts and Sciences degree with these options:

• Biotechnology 

Many students also enjoy participating in the HCC Student Chapter of the Wildlife Societywhich conducts field trips, service projects and other activities, or the Sustainability Network.


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