Simulation Suite

The Simulation Suite at HCC's Center for Health Education is a high-fidelity simulation lab. The nursing simulation specialist, along with two patient simulation technicians, performs several hundred simulations per semester.

The LaMere Simulation Suite consists of four private acute medical surgical patient rooms with working wall suction, working simulated oxygen, air and bedside patient monitors. This area is home to four Gaumard high-fidelity adult patient simulators that respond physiologically to the student nurse's interventions.

The Moriarty Simulation Suite consists of two semi-private patient rooms. One room is an obstetric and newborn room that houses a Gaumard high-fidelity newborn infant simulator and a Gaumard full body, high-fidelity, birthing simulator. The second room is a pediatric room for two Gaumard high-fidelity five-year-old child simulators as well as another newborn infant simulator.

The Simulation Suite also has a fully functioning medication dispense system much like many local facilities. In addition, the Simulation Suite has computers on wheels that allow students to perform bedside documentation on an electronic medical record system.

The purpose of HCC's Simulation Suite is to support healthcare programs through the use of clinical simulation. The suite provides realistic, risk-free, hands-on, clinical learning experiences using current technology, medical equipment, and human patient simulators. The simulation experience promotes greater competency in the nursing students and enhances their ability to demonstrate critical decisions. With the ability to record and stream all patient rooms, hallways, and the medication station, the students are able to interact during a simulation. The students also have secure online access to their recordings to review their skills. The suite promotes health career awareness through education for students in the community. The staff working in the Simulation Suite engages students in realistic clinical scenarios by allowing them to practice technical skills with real equipment and supplies on a human patient simulator. This will assist students in making informed career choices.


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