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Administrative Professional Studies Certificate

Kristine Ricker Choleva

Interim Dean, Business & Technology Division

Business and Technology

Kittredge Center 404

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What will you learn?

The Administrative Professional Studies certificate prepares students for entry level positions in varied office settings. The certificate combines a general education core with business and computer courses designed to emphasize both the technical and the communication skills necessary for success in the field. 


Upon graduating from this program, students will be able to:

  • Prepare a variety of business documents
  • Communicate orally and in writing
  • Manage routine office duties

What will you do?

Work toward your associate degree, or go right into the workforce! Job and career options include:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Business office support staff
  • Customer service

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26-27 total credits

20-21 credits Program Requirements + 6 credits Electives

Program Requirements

This course is the first half of the college composition sequence and focuses on close reading, critical thinking, beginning research skills, and the writing process. Students will read, analyze, and cite a range of nonfiction texts. Students will produce several formal essays totaling approximately 3000 words. Prerequisite: Appropriate scores on English placement tests or C- or higher in ENG 095.
A study of the interpersonal and communication skills fundamental for success in the workplace. Students will hone their professional style as they study topics including professional behavior, interpersonal interactions, and civility as they relate to the workplace.
An introductory, hands-on course designed to provide an overview of microcomputer hardware and software currently available and to provide hands-on exposure to internet, e-mail, operating system, word processing spreadsheets, database and graphics applications. Students will not receive credit for CSI 111 and BUS 115. Keyboarding skills preferred, but not required.
Understand the fundamentals of computer nomenclature, particularly with respect to personal computer hardware and software and the World Wide Web; make use of the Web as a repository of the latest information and an integrated learning tool; develop an in-depth understanding of why computers are essential to the business world and society in general; focus on the computer as a valuable productivity tool, recognizing its position as the backbone of the computer industry and as a stand-alone and networked device; learn strategies for purchasing, installing, and maintaining a personal computer system; and learn to plan a career as a knowledge-worker in the information age. This course will enable students in any major to become computer literate. Students may not receive credit for both CSI 111 and BUS 115 or for both CSI 111 and CSI 101. Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 101
A focus on organizing, interpreting, assessing and communication mathematical data for quantitative decision making in the business environment. The problem solving, reasoning, and communication requirements in this course will help students make better decisions associated with common business functions such as: payroll and taxes; accounting; banking; both electronic and store-front retailing; insurance, and finance. The course will stress critical and logical thinking skills, number sense and estimation, evaluating and producing statistical information, basic financial decision making, some fundamentals of probability, and an overview of the important social implications underlying any numerical data. Prerequisite: BUS 115 or BUS 215 or CSI 111 and eligibility for MTH 095
Emphasizes the fundamental principles of oral and written communication within an organizational setting. Techniques for writing various types of communication are studied, including the writing of news releases, policies, procedures, and performance appraisals, includes instruction in oral communication and the use of presentation software. Grammar, syntax, style, economy of expression, organization of thought, and clarity are stressed. Prerequisite: ENG 101
This course provides students with a clear understanding of the job search process. Students will learn how to identify their skills and accomplishments, write a professional resume and cover letter, research industries and job listings, submit an electronic resume, and develop and practice effective job interview techniques. Online career resources, videos, group discussion, guest speakers, and case studies will be offered in this interactive and very useful class.

Choose two courses (six credits) with the following prefixes: ACC, BUS, HCA, LAW, MGT, MKT, or SPO.