Coaching Certificate - M105



  • Overview

    The Coaching Certificate is designed for the individual who is interested in working as a coach of sport and recreation. Students will use materials from and prepare for the national examination of the American Sports Education Program.

    Upon completionof the program, the student willbe able to:

    • Define the roles and responsibilities of the coach.
    • Define his/her personal coaching philosophy and discuss how it influences coaching style.
    • Demonstrate effective teaching and communication skills as applied to coaching.
    • Identify and discuss cultural, social and psychological influences that influence athletes and methods to manage behavior on and off the field.
    • Explain and demonstrate assessments used to measure athletic ability and monitor athletic outcomes.
    • Demonstrate effective methods to teach technical and tactile skills.
    • Develop a physical conditioning plan using a periodization model.
    • Outline a basic plan for sports nutrition and hydration and discuss the cost:benefit ratio of Ergogenic aids.
    • Identify areas of potential risk and outline methods to minimize liability and ensure well-being of the athletes including basic emergency care procedures.

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    • Certificate

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