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    HCC's Creative Writing Option is one of only a few of its kind in the country for students pursuing an Associate Degree. It's a solid academic program that allows students to explore a personal interest, while at the same time follow the guidelines of a typical Associate of Arts degree, including the MassTransfer general education transfer block which guarantees credit transfer to Massachusetts state colleges and universities. MassTransfer also will grant students automatic acceptance to certain state colleges and universities by achieving the minimum grade point average and the HCC degree.

    With the right planning, students can go on to just about any Arts and Science discipline after earning their A.A. degree with this option. A designated faculty advisor will guide them. In their fi nal semester, students will assemble a portfolio of representative work, along with a personal statement about their experiences and accomplishments in Creative Writing at HCC.

    Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

    • Students will produce at least one college-level piece of writing in each of the four creative writing genres (poetry, fiction, drama, and creative non-fiction).
    • Students will demonstrate understanding of conventional forms/concepts within each genre and be able to work with these forms/concepts in their own writing.
    • Students will explore their writing in their own ways by producing a series of pieces reflecting their emerging personal aesthetic.
    • Students will be able to effectively critique the creative work of others (other students and established writers) from the perspective of being creative writers themselves.
    • Students will be able to reflect on, critique, and/or analyze their own work.


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