Deaf Studies Certificate - H081



  • Overview

    The Deaf Studies Certificate is designed for students holding a degree in another field who already have basic American Sign Language skills.

    Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

    • Communicate with Deaf/hard-of-hearing people at an advanced level in American Sign Language,.
    • Demonstrate respect and an in-depth understanding towards the Deaf/hard-of hearing population as well as its culture, history and literature.
    • Provide resources for Deaf/hard-of-hearing people.
    • Educate other people about Deaf people and provide deaf-related resources.
    • Advocate with the Deaf/hard-of-hearing community relating to sensitive issues.

    Professional career opportunities with prior or further education include, but are not limited to: teacher, counselor, interpreter, dormitory residential advisor, audiologists, speech-language pathologist, parent-infant specialist.

    Students will become more proficient in ASL as well as becoming familiar with the culture, history and literature of deaf people, and will gain experience working with this population.

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