Education - Early Childhood Transfer Option - M027



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    This program is designed for students interested in transferring to a four year school for a degree in Early Childhood Education (Pre-K through Grade 2). In addition to transfer, graduates of this program are eligible to apply for teacher certification through the Massachusetts Department of Early Educationand Care (DEEC).

    Graduates of HCC Education programs are expected to demonstrate developing skills toward all required teacher competencies. The Education Department Student Learning Outcomes are (A) knowledge of child development; (B) provision of a nurturing environment for young children and families; (C) assessment of typical child development through formal observations, informal developmental checklists, and discussions with parents; (D) provision of a safe and healthy early childhood setting that exceeds current EEC standards; (E) identification of children who demonstrate behaviors or skill acquisition difficulties that may require intervention; (F) application of appropriate and effective behavior management strategies in an early childhood setting; (G) development of age appropriate lesson plans and materials; (H) demonstrated use of computer application programs both professionally and with young children in an educational setting; (I) competent and professional oral and written communication; (J) interpersonal and job performance skills that reflect the professionalism demanded by early child care centers; and (K) critical thinking and problem solving skills.


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