Environmental Science Transfer Option - M031



  • Overview

    The Environmental Science and Technology Transfer Option (M031) is focused on providing a strong foundation in environmental science and equipping the student for an efficient transfer to a 4-year institution by fulfilling the Massachusetts statewide transfer policy known as MassTransfer. Graduates of the program are trained in a wide spectrum of sophisticated technical procedures used in the laboratory and in the field. They are exposed to a broad knowledge base in air quality, surface water and ground water quality, hazardous waste technologies and computer applications like geographic information systems(GIS). As a result, such individuals are highly organized and have strong comprehension and communication skills. Through this expansive knowledge base, graduates are astute problem solvers which are essential elements in the assessment and protection of the environment.

    Ecological Economics, ECN120 (B) and Environmental Ethics, PHI 140 (C) are recommended to fulfill the social science and humanities electives, respectively.

    Students must achieve a minimum grade of "C" in all ENV prefix courses in order to graduate from this degree option. Course may be repeated to obtain a grade of "C" or better.


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