Foodservice Management Option - B052



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    The Foodservice Management Program prepare students for culinary arts and entry-level management positions in the diverse field of foodservice including restaurants, clubs, institutions and other managed services. Upon graduating from this program, students will be able to use a hands-on approach to identify, define and appropriately handle a vase variety of food product and equipment used in the commercial kitchen, dining room and bakeshop. Students will understand current industry standards as well as legal and ethical issues involved in the safe handling and service of food and beverages. Students will undertake a teamwork-based business approach to identify, define, respond to and evaluate problems and resolutions in various foodservice industry situations, as well as to further an understanding of professional development in the industry. Students will be able to use generic business skills as well as functionally-based hospitality industry skills to define relationships between situations and understand professional terminology and concepts within the industry. Students will use mathematics and a business-oriented approach to identify, define, respond to and evaluate problems in reaching resolutions to global hospitality industry problems; understand the current ethical, social, and nutritional issues in the hospitality industry; and communicate effectively with colleagues and customers using a variety of information resources. Students will possess the tools to work effectively in an organization and as a member of a team, and have first-hand industry experience.


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