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    The Foundations of Health degree is designed for students interested in a health-related career. Students begin by taking Introduction to Health Careers (HTH 101), along with General Education requirements. Students will work closely with their advisor to place into appropriate courses, guided by their strengths and personal goals.

    The courses will be used as a springboard into a variety of health careers. These include immediate certifications as a CertifiedNurse's Aide (CNA); certificate programs such as Medical Assistant; and degree programs such as Nutrition (A.S.) or HumanServices (A.S.). Upon graduating from this program, students will possess a foundational skill set for entering a health career including the ability to: effectively utilize medical terminology both in English and in Spanish; apply basic clinical competencies in a health care setting gained through completion of the Certified Nurse's Aide license in HTH 210- Field Experience in addition to leadership strategies and critical thinking;understand the intersection of psychological and sociologicalcomponents of human development and aging as they relateto healthcare practice; and possess an understanding of thephysiological makeup of the human body (nutritionally andbiologically). Upon completion of the Foundations of Health Degree students can also apply to Elms College for a 20 month Bachelor Degree in Health Services Administration.

    The following are some positions for which a graduate with this degree may be qualified:

    • Activities Assistant
    • Bilingual Intake Worker
    • Certified Nurses Aide (C.N.A.)
    • Community Health Worker
    • Healthcare Coordinator
    • Patient Care Tech
    • Care Coordinator/Patient Navigator
    • Psychiatric Aide

    The co-requisites for Selective Programs in health are embedded in this major. Selective Programs include Associate Degreein Nursing, Certificate in Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technology(A.S.) and Veterinary Technology (A.S.). Each of these programs requires a separate application process along with attendanceat an information session. See the website for more details.

    ** Criminal Offense Record Act (CORI), Sex Offender RegistryInformation (SORI)**

    Foundations of Health students enrolled in the HTH 210 Field Experience or applying for Selective Programs are required to complete a CORI/SORI background check prior to the end ofthe Add/Drop period each semester. A positive finding may prevent students from successfully completing the HTH 210 Field Experience course, applying for Selective Programs, or graduating with a Foundations of Health Degree due to clinical site requirements. The College policy can be found in the Student Handbook. Inability to attend orientation for the HTH210 course and meet requirements for clinical orientation and placement will result in Administrative Withdrawal from HTH210. There is a SEPARATE CORI/SORI application you must complete online if you have lived outside of the state of Massachusetts in the past 10 years; failure to disclose all relevant information may result in an inability to complete the HTH 210 course. Out of state CORI/SORI fees vary. If you have had legal issues in the past or have any legal affairs pending, you must contact Kathy Hankel, Dean of Health and Natural Sciences.

    Drug Testing 

    The Work Connection at Holyoke Medical Center has been selected as the Division of Health and Natural Science's exclusive laboratory for student drug testing. Students are required to participate in the drug screening process upon enrollment in the HTH 210- Field Experience course and prior to the end of Add/Drop period each semester. Failure to complete the Drug Testing in this time period will result in an Administrative Withdrawal from the HTH 210-Field Experience Course. A positive finding may prevent students from successfully completing the HTH 210 Field Experience course, applying for Selective Programs, or graduating with a Foundations.


    "Students enrolled in the HTH 210 (Field Experience) or applyingfor Selective Programs are required to provide proofof immunizations prior to the end of Add/Drop period eachsemester ."

    Students are also required to provide proof of immunization prior to the end of Add/Drop period each semester. Vaccines must be documented with month, day and year of administration and on MD office letterhead and/or stamped with facility address and phone number. **If antibody titers are done in lieu of vaccines, documentation of the official copies of laboratory reports must be provided - MD flow sheets are not acceptable.

    Records for the following requirements must be submitted to the Student Health Services Office in Frost Building Room 105 when you register for the HTH 210-Field Experience course:

    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) - two doses (28 or moredays apart) are required OR Positive (+) titers for Measles,Mumps and Rubella.
    • Hepatitis B - three shot series is required OR Positive (+)titer for Hepatitis B.
    • Varicella (Chickenpox) - two doses (28 or more daysapart) are required OR Positive (+) titer for Varicella.
    • Pertussis containing vaccine - Tdap (dated 2006 or later).Note: Tetanus Toxoid (TT) or Tetanus Diphtheria (Td) doesnot suffice.
    • TB (Mantoux) skin test - 2-step* (at least 10 days betweentest #1 and test #2). **If TB test result is positive, a copyof a recent negative chest X-ray report is required.
    • Current HCC Health Affiliate Physical Form - signed anddated by MD.
    • Annual influenza vaccination

    Immunization and health records are due to the HealthServices Office by the end of the Add/Drop period each semester. If you have any questions about the immunization process please contact Student Health Services.


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