Gender and Women's Studies Option - H072



  • Overview

    The Gender and Women's Studies Option prepares students for jobs in a range of fields, and for transfer to four-year baccalaureate programs. Through an interdisciplinary approach, this option provides students the opportunity to think critically about gender in diverse contexts.

    Students completing coursework in this degree option will be able to:

    • Critically examine the experiences of women in various social, historical, and cultural contexts.
    • Demonstrate an awareness of gendered experiences in diverse cultures and across time, examining the ways in which race, social class, sexuality, and ethnicity intersect with gender.
    • Understand and apply fundamental concepts in feminist scholarship.
    • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively through writing,analysis, research, leadership and organization.
    • Connect theory to practice through activism, community service learning, and scholarship and enhance their ability to advocate for justice.

    Students develop the skills and knowledge to further their education by completing professional and advanced academic degrees, and may also pursue careers in community development and organizing, law, politics, education, journalism, social service, and other career fields.


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