Nutrition and Food Transfer Option - M071



  • Overview

    The Nutrition Program at HCC is a transfer program for articulation withthe University of Massachusetts at Amherst or other 4-year institutions with nutrition and food science programs. Upon completion of this program the student will be able to:

    • Discuss nutrition as it relates to health and well-being.
    • Discuss the factors that influence behaviors and attitudes about food.
    • Discuss the macro and micro nutrients and identify current recommendations for and sources of each.
    • Identify nutritional needs through the lifecycle.
    • Discuss food digestion and metabolism.
    • Discuss dietary practices of different cultures.
    • Discuss dietary supplementation risks and benefits.
    • Discuss food safety and security.
    • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills required by nutrition advisors.
    • Explain the relationship between nutrition, physical activity,and fitness Provide recommendations for physical activity.
    • Transfer to a 4 year institution to pursue a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition and qualify for participation in a one-year ADA internship and become licensed to work in all fields of Nutrition in the United States.


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Holyoke Community College
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