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    The Sociology Option is intended for students desiring a solid liberal arts education as well as those interested in transferring to four-year colleges in the social sciences. Students select courses from areas such as family, religion, government, the environment, social changes, social deviance, social problems, substance abuse, social inequality, diversity,disability, race, class and gender.

    The Department of Sociology at Holyoke Community College seeks to provide a thorough grounding in the historical and theoretical development of the field of sociology and to give students the tools to make this knowledge relevant to the world around them. The program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in a number of arenas, including research, education, social work, human services, law enforcement, probation and corrections, government, non-profit organizations, labor relations, business management, personnel administration and market analysis.

    The Sociology program provides the opportunity to combine a liberal arts education with a unique focus on the study of human societies including social dynamics, institutions, diversity, and inequality. Through its use of scientific methods and systematic theory, Sociologists seek to identify and explain the underlying patterns of social relations. This knowledge base allows students to gain insights into and challenge assumptions about the fundamental elements of human systems behavior. Sociologists are particularly concerned with understanding diversity in our social world and addressing inequality.


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