Visual Art Program - H031



  • Overview

    The Visual Art program prepares students for transfer leading to a BA or BFA degree and continued studio practice. Students successfully completing the Visual Art program will produce a portfolio of two-and three-dimensional artwork that demonstrates an understanding of form and content. This will include effective use of the elements and principles of art making to convey the dynamics of figure/ground relationships, expression of volumetric structure, and spatial qualities of value and color, among other skills and concepts. Students will also develop strategies for visual communication and personal artistic expression. In Art History classes, students will look intensely at works of art and consider their cultural and social significance.

    Upon completion of the program, students will have:

    • Experinced a broad range of practices and materials
    • Attained skills in basic art making techniques
    • Acquired an understaning of visual concepts
    • Gained fluency in the language of art


    • Degree
    • Online

Holyoke Community College
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