Honors Colloquium [C] [E] [B]

The Honors Colloquium, or seminar, is designed to bring together students from many academic disciplines to confront a theme or issue of current concern from a variety of perspectives. Honors Colloquia are either 4-credit, 6-credit, or 7-credit, multidisciplinary courses (e.g. Infinity, Visions of Nature, Monsters, Mind, Reality, The Millennium) that are competitively enrolled and limited to fifteen students who are selected each semester by the Honors Committee and the Colloquium leader(s). Colloquia generally offer field trips and a series of expert guest speakers. Each student who is selected to become a Colloquium Scholar receives a scholarship that provides all of the required texts for the Colloquium. A Colloquium may sometimes receive a B, C, or E transfer compact code depending upon the subject of the Colloquium and the student's work, with permission of the instructor(s). Prerequisites: 3.5 GPA after 30 hours of study and/or permission of instructor(s). English 102 preferred. Eligible students will be invited by mail to apply.


Holyoke Community College
303 Homestead Ave. Holyoke, MA 01040